Bot detection & credential security with unprecedented fraud-resistance

years of human labor spent daily on CAPTCHAs and similar solutions
success rate against modern bot attacks with these traditional methods
Million lost in account sharing
$300 Billion
lost annually by 2030 for credit card fraud
reliance on static credentials – a gap in personalising security
Million lost in account sharing

innerworks - who are we?

We make your website or app a moving target for bots and hackers. The key to unparalleled fraud resistance lies in identifying not just any human, but the specific individual, through the continuous stream of behavioral data we all generate online.

Experience effortless bot detection and decentralised authentication using just four simple lines of code.

Our npm package deployment mirrors the ease of installing popular SSO solutions such as Google Sign-On, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Full User Privacy and Protection from PII liabilities

Trust-less Blockchain Infrastructure for:
Data Ownership
Data is housed in decentralised storage (only accessible to the user)
Self-Sovereign Identity
Fully Trustless fraud-resistant Authentication Protocol
Zero Knowledge Machine Learning For:
Full Data Privacy
Data never leaves the client’s device nor are processed by inner
Only proof of auth is revealed
Limited PII
Innerworks limits the PII data we and third parties are exposed to by using innovations in Machine Learning & Zero Knowledge Proofs
Feature Category
Seamless Authentication for Account Fraud
Fingerprinting and Heuristic Checks
Network Analysis
Machine Learning
Limited Liability
Historical Data Profile Check

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